myINFOSAFE is a PC software application that helps you organize & protect your personal information.

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myINFOSAFE can be downloaded from this site and runs on your Windows PC. All of your information is stored securely on your PC, not on the internet. View myINFOSAFE in action.


Download myINFOSAFE - pim software

Simply click on “Download 30 Day FREE Trial”. This will guide you through the download and installation of myINFOSAFE's free trial.

Secure on your PC

myINFOSAFE is Secure

myINFOSAFE runs on your PC and provides a secure password protected environment where only you have access to your information.

Backup your information


Backing up your personal information is simple. Just use a pen drive, USB drive or cd.

myINFOSAFE will save you time and help avoid frustration by organizing your important information to find it when you need it.

myINFOSAFE will also help save money by managing your personal assets, finances and insurance. Over time, as you enter more information into myINFOSAFE, it will become a complete record of your life. Ultimately, it will help your friends and family remember your life and manage your estate.

Go to the features page to see a description and tutorial video of the main areas of myINFOSAFE. By clicking on the Download 30 Day FREE Trial button you can download your own trial copy to see for yourself how myINFOSAFE organizes and protects your personal information.

myINFOSAFE FeaturesmyINFOSAFE Features

With myINFOSAFE you can organize and protect all of your financial, asset, health and other personal information in one secure place. Go to the Features page to explore all the features and information you can store in myINFOSAFE.


myINFOSAFE Supports YoumyINFOSAFE Supports you

Our Tutorial videos guide you through how to use myINFOSAFE. Our support page provides answers to common support questions. If you have a question or a problem not covered in our support pages just use the Contact Us function to email us and we will respond within 24 hours. If needed we can provide phone or remote support direct to your desktop free of charge.

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